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PRESUMING COMPETENCE: Why is it important?

Presuming competence means that we assume that every individual has the capacity to learn, think, and understand, even in the absence of tangible evidence. 😊

In my practice as an SLP, I have learned a few things about presumed competence that I wanted to share with you:

• NO ONE is “too delayed”, “too disabled”, or “too autistic” to learn. We need to assume that EVERYONE IS CAPABLE when given the right support to help them succeed. ❤️

• We never assume that the children we work with are incapable just because they do not learn the same way as others do. It is our responsibility to try and teach them the way they learn. 🌈

• If children are unable to speak, it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to say. We just need to help them find their voice. 😉

• Barriers to learning and participation are NOT within the child but within their environment. Thus, if our goal is for our students to learn and thrive, we do not force to change them, we adjust their environment. (Hello, inclusion!) 🤗

• Lastly, when we presume competence, we see the child’s strengths rather than their disability. We learn not to expect that THEY CAN’T do something, instead, we provide the right support so THEY CAN. 💪

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