This set includes 120 pieces mini objects in a plastic grid container:

List of objects (Set 3):

A - Apple Tree, Avocado, Anchor, Astronaut

B - Broccoli, Book, Bus, Bell, Baby

C - Coconut tree, Clown, Coffee, Couch

D - Donut, Dinosaur, Dragonfruit, Dump truck, Duck

E - Egg, Eggplant, Envelope, Electric Fan, Eraser

F - Fries, Fence, Firetruck, Fairy, Fire, Football

G - Glue, Gas, Gumball machine, Guitar, Gift, Gun

H - Hammer, Helicopter, Hairbrush, House

I - Ice cream, Icing (piping bag), Ice, Iron, Injection

J - Jack o Lantern, Juice, Jelly

K- Keyboard, Kiwi, Koala, Kitten (cat), Key

L - Luggage, Lemon, Lion

M - Monster, Mask, Mitten, Milk, Marshmallow

N - Nest, Notebook, Noodles, Note, Knife

O - Octopus, Organs, Orange, Ornament

P - Pizza, Paint, Paw print, Popcorn, Pinwheel, Pingpong

Q - Quail egg, Quiz, Question mark, Queen

R - Rainbow, Rocket, Radio, Ring, Red, Rolling pin

S - Seahorse, Screwdriver, Swimsuit, Stove, Scissors, Spoon, Soccer ball

T - Tub, Tow truck, Toast, Teeth, Teapot, Tomato, Tent

U - Umbrella, Unicorn, UFO

V - Violin, Venus flytrap, Volleyball, Vegetables

W - Waffle, Watermelon, Wing, Walkie-talkie, Watering Can

X - Ox, Ax

Y - Yarn, Yogurt, Yacht

Z - Zipper, Zombie, Zebra, Zero

*colors may vary for some items

* X objects have the final /x/ sounds

* some items may be replaced depending on availability

Mini Objects Set 3